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Covid-19 Solutions

Digital Solution for Covid-19

COVID-19 has changed the way our corporate workplace functions today as well as into the future. In addition to an increased need for timely and relevant communications, businesses also require solutions for office contact tracing, social distancing, temperature scanning, and more. 

Body Temperature Scanner.webp


Temperature Scanner

Temperature Scanner Kiosk with Face Recognition & Access Control, Touchless Infrared Body Forehead Temperature

Themometer Non Contact Mask & Fever Detection

With Lighted Stand

Fever Alarm



Temperature Navigation Tracking Watch

Worried because your loved one is living in an epidemic area, or is participating in the fight against the epidemic. It is not convenient to constantly ask about their health status.
The watch has a built-in temperature measurement device and sends an alarm signal when the body temperature is above normal.
Real-time positioning using GPS+LBS and Wifi
Dismantle warning if used for F0 . monitoring authorities
Low battery warning
Retracing the travel route
Texting or 2-way voice
Emergency alert button​


Phone Sanitizer

This device that use ultraviolet light to eliminate gems and bacteria on mobile phone device. Although we are the only user to use our cellphone, they can contaminate after touching elevator buttons and other object in public areas.​

It take a seconds to do the job, or while you wash your hands.

Available also same function in various form of smaller boxes, without automatic ejection to be effective in cost.



Hand Sanitizer Kiosks & Safety Messaging

10.1”LCD touch screen or at size you want

​Touchless Auto-sensing disinfectant spray, just put your hand near the nozzle

Display propaganda content to join hands to fight the epidemic. or advertising content

Equip with motion detector, to provide warning sound or blinking symbol to remind people passing by to use hand sanitizer.


Ordering Kiosks 

Keep distance with shop visitor by letting them review menu and choose the item.

Only transaction of cash payment and hand over goods reduce close communication.

Hand satinizer and phone charger intergrated.

Various bigger size and stand type for shop front door application.



Digital Receptionist

Allocate this devive at your coporate lobby to reduce the risk of your receptionist of close contact with visitor, deliver.

Visitor to your office will find himself the person need to contact and communicate via video call, or leave the messages.

Can combine the temperature camera to check body temperature of your visitor as the same time.

Please contact us for more information.

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