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Aerial View of Flyover Bridges

The Trends Transforming the Future of Mobility

The next decade will see a range of innovative headwinds shift the dimensions of mobility toward new horizons. Changing consumer needs are key, with the industry progressively moving from an ownership model toward a Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) access model, especially for younger generations. Three pillars have given rise to this change:

  1. Alternative powertrain options

  2. Electric vehicle advances

  3. Popularity of on-demand service access

Social phenomena are influencing the rise of MaaS - increasing urbanization, population growth, and environmental concerns provide favorable conditions. New mobility forms are required to serve such needs, which is leading to predictions that our contemporary vehicle-centric system of fossil fuel-powered mobility will gradually be replaced by a consumer-centric one run on electricity.

Radar Defender.jpg


Bus Radar Defender System

1. IWLFD – Inner Wheel Left Front Detection
2. IWLRD – Inner Wheel Left Rear Detection
3. BSD – Blind Spot Detection
4. LCA – Lane Change Alert
5. DOW – Door Opening Warning
6. RCW – Rear Collision Warning


Telematic Box System

Enabling Security, Safety and Cost Efficient Telematics Solutions:

1. Remote Vehicle Diagnosis

2. Cloud Fleet Management Service

3. Stolen Vehicle Tracking

4. Abnormal Driving Detection

5. Bluetooth and Wifi Service

6. TPMS solutions

7. HUD

Night Vision.jpg


Night Vision Support

Using low-light imaging technology, the system will provide drivers with clear and crisp image even in darkness

High-resolution front and rear camera simultaneously capture the road view at 1080p high resolution.

IPS screen presents full-color image and displays the real-time road situation with no lag.


Fleet Management system

Solution provides real-time visibility of fleets based on up-to-date tele-comunication and navigation technology with automatic dispatch system.

Truck Car Park
School Bus.jpg


School Bus Management

School safety begins the moment students walk out the front door of their home. Many children would take the school bus to school. If there is no automated and real-time data reporting, there will be no necessary insight to keep the children safe and accounted for.


EV Charging Stations

Technology company created to commercialize charging systems for electric vehicles. All innovations and developments are focused on reliability, modularity and connectivity of components in charging systems. This makes it possible to meet the needs of markets by combination of different nodes and provide easy maintenance of the network.


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