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Nurse Call System


IT systems can be integrated with HIS.
Low-voltage technology with 2-wire wide band for signal, data, reliable operation and saving installation and maintenance costs compared to traditional IP network technology.
Establishing an independent network from other hospital information systems, compatible and suitable for new investment and upgrading needs, without interfering with other specialized equipment systems.
Software is installed on the hospital's common server, managing the entire call history according to the authorized management level.

Nurse Home and Health Care Center

The wireless call system of our nursing homes adopts exclusive frequency modulation technology. Micro power has no radiation, long call distance, stable signal, no radiation to the body of the elderly, and no interference to various medical devices.


It is mainly composed of ICU management center, medical host, visiting extension, ICU extension, etc., to realize the function of visiting intercom.

The ICU visitation system constructed by using modern technological digital network technology essentially enables critically ill patients to receive the safest and timely monitoring and treatment, greatly improving the success rate and cure rate of critically ill patients. The system is closely integrated with the hospital’s comprehensive system. Form an orderly medical environment and working environment, suitable for all kinds of hospitals.

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System Networking

The basic architecture of the scheme includes information interaction host, IP network medical care host, bedside station, door-side terminal, bath station, corridor display , transfusion alarm, wireless transmitter host, medical mobile device, etc. The nurse workstation is equipped with one brand desktop computer, one LCD TV。

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Medical care host

  • 10.1”LCD touch screen

  • Support both touch and button operation

  • Magnetic phone switch



Duty Room Terminal

  • Receive sub station calls, staff assist requests, and support intercom with bedside terminal

  • Support two-way call intercom with nurse station medical host

  • Support for clearing of unhandled calls

  • Support the microphone broadcast function to the whole ward

  • Support call filtering, can be based on the type of the call to answer shielding Settings

Nursing System GSI (12).jpg


Door Side Terminal

  • 10.1”LCD touch screen

  • Support Touch,button and ID card operation

  • Support online updating

  • 25 Color Indication

Nursing System GSI (1).jpg


Bed Side Terminal

  • Adopt 7-inch LCD touch screen, support embedded installation.

  • The screen light on time can be set uniformly in the background of the system to avoid affecting the patient's night rest. When the screen is black, any button can be used to light up the screen

  • Support nursing call, staff assist call, call clearing and other functions.

  • Support two-way call and intercom with the nurse station.

  • Supports the location of nurses, and can prompt and record the ward number of the nurse.

  • Support voice and pop-up reminders of new short messages, call storage, etc.

  • Support to adjust the style and content of the sub station information interface.

  • Patient information interface support for displaying multiple images at the same time, used to display nurses' image, nursing identification, QR codes, etc.

  • Programs and materials support online upgrades, which can be upgraded remotely by the system background.



Bed Side Handset

  • Call button, Cancel, and Alarm

  • Flash Light

  • Cable length on demand

Nursing System GSI (3).jpg


Bathroom Station

  • Big press call button

  • Pull cord

  • Pendant for easy snatching

  • Water registant


Network Management Host

Nursing System GSI (7).jpg

HIS system can be connected to realize information reading and publishing


Centralized Control Center of Power supply for two-wire system


Professional voice call communication effect, support for extended external loudspeakers


Support extended telephone with call intercom and caller ID function


Support extended standard CAN,485 communication peripherals to provide secondary development interfaces


Multi-protection circuit system with lightning protection, surge protection, short circuit protection, grounding protection, overload protection, etc.



Central Live Data Display

Statistic and display the status of the department such as the admission number, critically ill number, nursing level number, empty bed number.

Display the beds that require special attention, such as today's admission patient, today's hospital bed, today's surgical bed, tomorrow's surgical bed, today's bed changes, etc.

Can display scheduling information, such as doctors on duty, nurses on duty, responsible nursing information, important messages, etc.


Display screen can be linked with the ward call system to display the call information in real time on the information board.

Can display the electronic bedside table information, will be more intuitive bed information, real-time display.

Image by Martha Dominguez de Gouveia


Management Software

Administrator role function

Nurse station role function

The master nurse role function

Function of hospital director

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