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Smart Energy

Vsmartcity Smart-Energy-Solutions including category of:

 1. Residential Storage Solution

 2. Commercial and Utility Solution

 3. Off-Grid Energy Storage Solution

 4. Export Limitation Solution



PV Inverter

We provides a wide range of smart PV solutions for residential, C&I and utility-scale solar plants. Our smart string PV inverters, capacity ranging from 0.75kW to 253kW, along with Online Smart Service(OSS) platform achieve higher yields and provide superior safety and smarter O&M for customers.


Energy Storage

Storage solution suits household and small commercial application, hybrid and AC-coupled solution provide flexible options for both new and retrofit systems, with the feature of Max of10 units inverter in parallel, offering a solution for the small commercial project, all of them ensure the most efficient use of solar energy at home,increase self-consumption and grid independence, reduce your electricity bills

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Micro-Grid System

We provides 3k-1MW smart micro-grid that can utilize multiple power sources and support diverse electrical loads. It’s an ideal independent energy solutions for isolated islands and remote areas where there’s limited or even no access to the grid. It can support access to VPP and help build the IoE (Internet of Energy).


Smart Energy Management system

Smart energy solution is built upon Big Data, AI and IoT. By using multi-point data monitoring and smart cloud platform, it supports the prediction of energy generation and consumption and can achieve smart management and distribution of energy. It’s the ideal solution to provide clean energy for households and businesses.


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