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Smart Home

Smart-Home-Solutions powered by Vsmartcity appoaching to the level of Smart Homes Reading your Mind.

If you can control at least one aspect of your home remotely, you already have a smart home system.

If you want to embrace the future in the fullest way possible, you can also surround yourself with innumerable devices, so that every aspect of your life is better and more convenient.



Energy Management System

Our smart home energy solution is consist of intergrates solar, energy storage, smart EV charger, water heater, VPP interface and IoT devices.


Security and Surveillance System

Various modes can be set for your desired security levels, assigned to timing of the day, areas, floors... and it is combined not only the cameras but also another device like motion detector. Not only prevent unwanted invation, system can also guard for electric, gas, fire or any threat for your house.

smart home.jpg


Truly Smart Home System

The house is truly know you, if talking only about cameras: Motion Detector can switch screens from one room to the other along with your steps, so your morning news will not interrupted. Emotion Detector will play a relax music when you just get home from a hard day. Loitering Detector will close currtain, dim the lights when you have just laid down.


Gymer Digital Mirror

Vsmartcity fitness smart mirror is 43 inch capacitive touch screen, 1080P vertical display with HD camera (or motion sensor camer),which is comes with speaker and microphone built-in.
Fitness apps can be installed to guide those body builders, or correct the users to standard action when doing exercise. Health data can be also be monitored.
Except in fitness club, more and more families own this kind of mirror in their living room to be a smart fitness trainer.

smart home 3.jpg


Bathroom Digital Mirror

Users can direct the smart mirror’s various applications and functions using Alexa voice control to watch the latest news, listen to music, or even see who’s at the front door using a home’s pre-installed smart security platform. It also has a handy few inputs including an HDMI port, a USB socket and a non-amplified 3.5 mm audio jack so users can connect any audio system as well as a wireless keyboard to help make searching and navigation easier for users who aren’t so Alexa-friendly. Users also have to consciously activate Alexa with a touch on the screen, as she doesn’t come online by default.


Smart Curtain

Now you can turn your old classic window curtains into a smart one with this automatic curtain opener robot. It designed to retrofit almost any kind of curtains in your house. Unlike other electric-powered smart curtains, the swictchbot curtain doesn’t require any complex installation and power outlet near the window. All you have to do is, simply hang the battery-powered robot on your existing curtain. This little robot works with all of your voice assistant devices such as google home, Alexa, and Siri.

Smart Curtain.jpg

Please contact us for more information or download our Smart Home Catalogue

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