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Smart Windows



Enjoy the clean look of glass without obstructive curtains or blinds. Smart glass is invisible unless you switch it to frosted.


Energy Efficient

Save on heating, cooling and lighting costs. Privacy glass reduces heat transfer and increases natural light.


Easy to Install
Smart glass is installed just like regular glass and smart film is simply applied to existing windows.


Open Space

Open concept spaces lack privacy, but switchable glass solves this problem with privacy on demand.


Sound Protection

The soundproofing properties of smart glass keep noise out and conversations in.


Smart glass is laminated and tempered safety glass that acts as a barrier against forced entry.



How it work

A smart glass or switchable glass (also called smart window or switchable window in those applications) is a glass or glazing whose light transmission properties are altered when voltage, light, or heat is applied. In general, the glass changes from transparent to translucent and vice versa, changing from letting light pass through to blocking some (or all) wavelengths of light and vice versa. Smart glass can be constructed by lamination with a smart film or switchable film, often using either glass, acrylic or polycarbonate laminates.

Some types of smart films can also be used to convert regular windows into smart glass either using a self-adhesive smart film or special glue.


Smart glass technologies


Include electrochromicphotochromicthermochromicsuspended-particlemicro-blind, and polymer-dispersed liquid-crystal devices


Shop Retail

Front Shop can convert to screen for advetisement content, including Images, video clip, stattic poster, promotion or sale notices...

Shop Retail.gif


Car Showroom

Partial or full front Glass window can convert to different day and night time advertisement, with beutiful sounds.



Wide application for Home, Office, Hospital...


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