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Food and Beverage Service Digitalization

Restaurants and Cafeteria have been under increasing pressure to meet changing consumer demand, lower costs, and minimize waste. Consumer-driven, digital business networks offer a way for restaurants to react faster to changing demand, and meet it with lower inventory levels and at lower cost per meal.

In order to provide exceptional customer service, restaurant companies need to:

  • Anticipate demand across their restaurants

  • Orchestrate supply across their corporate and franchise stores

  • While lowering costs across their entire supply network

That’s where digital business networks come in…



Touch Table

The marketplace has seen a rise in touchscreen tabletops lately and one of the most innovative designs, the interactive table featuring a touchscreen that will change the way you order food in a restaurant.

Touchscreen glass that will react only to fingers and not dinnerware, it can be used with the POS system of a bar or restaurant, allowing customers to choose menu items and get more information about products with just a touch of the finger.


Digital Menu

Show the right content on the right screen at the right time. Help your customers decide what to eat or drink without the help of service staff. Create an informative and engaging menu. Small digital devices can do that with more built-in functions like charging phones, displaying ads or sanitizing hands.



Interactive Kiosk

A kiosk ordering system provides restaurants with some key benefits, including:

  1. Lower overhead: By automating ordering, restaurants require fewer staff to assist customers.

  2. Better/faster customer service: Automated ordering creates efficiencies that free up existing staff to care for customers’ more immediate concerns such as menu questions or other customer service issues.

  3. Social distancing: COVID-19 created a need for greater social distancing. But as the pandemic recedes, it’s clear that it’s become the desire of many to keep some of these automated, contact-free experiences in place for the sake of efficiency as well as safety.

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