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Touch Table

Interactive touch table screen is not a new concept, we have seen so many creative design of it. The interior architect design is one side, the application is more complicated aspects.

Let us work with you on detail, to verify what exactly you will need about your table, and you will surprise how a wonderful furniture can change your life or business.



Cafeteria and Restaurant

When people laying their phones and cameras on to the surface and photos magically appearing on the tabletop. With a single swipe, the photos transferred into other devices or magically appeared on the big table screen. Thanks to UWB technology on IPhone 11+ and Samsung Note 20/S21+ devices, this concept is now come true.


Hotel Lobby 

A meeting in a hotel lobby is always very productive. You have a lot of documents, presentations, media files on your cloud data and now it only takes a table screen to talk about it in your town visitor group.

Convenience similar to how it is in the halls, corporate reception areas and wherever a discussion takes place.




It is not always a good thing to expose children to smart devices. However, in some respects, educational software that is carefully designed and selected in accordance with the age of the child, through a close-to-display device, will have a good educational effect.

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We are always happy to talk through your ideas, so please feel free to contact us to explore the most effective solution for your goals, timeline, and budget of your projecct.

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