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Vocational School Solution

For many schools, Digital Transformation presents a challenge with many different unknowns: Infrastructure and support, skills and resources of teachers and management, and especially the development Future technologies characterize areas for which only limited reliable claims can be made so far. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced changes in many aspects of life, including vocational education. Schools must adapt to the new conditions and have no choice but to switch from regular learning activities to online learning. However, online learning becomes especially difficult for vocational schools that focus on hands-on lessons. It is these challenges that push the digitalization process to come up with more adaptive solutions through technology.

Student Library

Digital Signage

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Key Benefit


Deliver consistent communications at campus-wide scale, while making it easy to allow users from different departments to contribute content.


Improve recruitment by using your signage to welcome prospective students and highlight unique aspects of your campus or programs.


Promote events, programs, and services, driving engagement during school-sponsored events and events held by organizations.

The Value Your Campus Receive


Modernize Your Campus

Create a modern and digitally integrated campus to improve the way you communicate with current students and drive prospect enrollment for potential students visiting campus.

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Effectively Communicate During Emergencies

Vsmartcity integrates with your emergency alert system to automatically deploy relevant safety content to every screen on your campus, ensuring that your critical messaging has a broader reach.


Drive Campus Community

Promote campus events, services, and activities on your digital signage to drive engagement among students and faculty and create a sense of community.

Campus Communications Solution

Application Illustrations

Entrance Main Hall Display

Entrance Main Hall Display

Large Screen at main Hall always useful and visual effective for Welcome messages, as well as general announcements.

Public Hall Display

Public Hall Display

Best effective to broadcast School news, Education Programs

School Public Area Wall Display

School Public Area Wall Display

Display School information, TV programs, announcements, run multimedia ads.

Emergency Alert Display

Emergency Alert Display

In the case of Emergency situation, all Digital Signage within campus will display alert message and guideline.

Class room door side screen

Class room door side screen

Real time indicate room number, class, teacher and student information, can be intergrated with access control

Interactive Kiosks

Interactive Kiosks

Use for way finding, Search and register for seats in the library

School Staff Duty Display

School Staff Duty Display

Display the internal area with information for employees, on duty schedules, special notes about the area and other internal information.

Teacher Break Time Room Display

Teacher Break Time Room Display

Set up in conjunction with School management system software.

Class room digital signage solution

Class room digital signage solution

Diagram of Class Room Signages

Interactive Kiosks & Screens

The interactive display system provides real-time indications on demand or proactively. The outstanding application of this system is to arrange the lecture halls in a customized way according to the needs at each time. Once the training plan has been made, the arrangement of theoretical or practical classrooms will not be duplicated and bring the best effect in terms of exploiting the available facilities of the school, at the same time, students Members also easily find the hall they need to be in through the interactive screens with navigation function.

Door screen next to each hall also displays information about the class at that time.

Querying interactive screens also helps to update many pre-installed information.

Digital Board

PERAVI Electronic Whiteboard turns your meeting room/classroom into a collaborative space, without geographical barriers. Teachers can host an online lesson and share ideas in real-time with unlimited content space, through a traditional board-based interactive environment and shared sharing into the online classroom. line.

By adopting sophisticated ITO conductive film glass technology, you can enjoy a wonderful interactive experience with fast response and precise touch. Simultaneous touches help you write without boundaries. You can write and interact easily …… write with a pen or finger, erase or drag content, zoom in …… the work goes on smoothly.

4K Ultra HD resolution enhances the readability and clarity of content, providing a comfortable visual experience for viewers and audiences.

Combined with CMS software allows teachers to create their own libraries of files, videos, audio... suitable for their lectures in class as well as online.

White Board.jpg

VR and Online Platforms in Education

Remote meetings, Classes and Events

Video based communications are great for one-to-one or small group calls but if you need to collaborate in real-time with larger groups VR Technology has you covered. Host up to 70 people in a live virtual setting or provide a large scale event.

Many online training software by major can also be effectively exploited, supplementing students' self-study skills.

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